Whether you are a tea drinker or serve tea to others, having a variety of premium quality loose leaf blends is always appreciated.

It is almost expected that most pantries will stock a variety of teas, with visitors and guests often asking “you don’t happen to have green tea or a chamomile or a peppermint do you?”

Being able to say yes or even to offer a more unique and exotic blend can add enjoyment to all when entertaining and socialising. So, whether you are giving a personalised gift to someone close or a gift just to say “thanks,” choosing tea makes sense. An exquisite tea is always a valued gift to enjoy and share with others. 

Don’t be shy about experimenting and creating your own signature blend. You alone know what tastes good to you and how strong it should be for your enjoyment. 

Why loose leaf tea? Taste alone is reason enough to choose premium loose leaf tea but here are a few extra reasons to consider:

High quality loose leaf teas include whole unbroken and/or large pieces of leaf and/or handpicked buds. To allow the full extraction of vitamins, minerals, flavours and aromas, tea needs room to absorb water and expand. Limiting this process to a small teabag is limiting the full benefits and enjoyment of your tea experience.

All that is left is to enjoy a good cup of tea!